Anu Krishna - Founder Word Weave

Anu Krishna - Founder Word Weave

Anu Krishna
Karnataka Chairperson for Coaching
(All Ladies League)
Youth Excellence and Parenting Consultant
Freelance Writer

Anu and Word Weave

Anu Krishna is a Personal Transformation Coach, Creative Writer (The Writers Bureau, UK), NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA), Law of Attraction Practitioner, holds a Diploma in Art Therapy (CPD) and whose passion for words combined with a purpose of serving people to tap their unlimited potential that led to the creation of Word Weave. She also freelances with Deccan Herald. She is also the Karnataka Chairperson for Coaching (ALL).

Word Weave primarily focuses on coaching through workshops on Creative Writing, Responsive Communication, Story Telling, Parenting, Teen Power, Personal Branding, Create the Life you want, to name a few. She also trains teachers, children, corporates, homemakers, entrepreneurs and regularly gives seminars in colleges and companies with the intent of guiding people to live a life free from fears and self-limiters.

Also, a strong believer that the YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE LEADERS has propelled Word Weave to kick off a Youth Program that guides the youngsters to create a life that they want devoid of fears and nudges them to Dream Big and go after it with powerful identity. Word Weave also engages with senior professionals in the industry who are professionals in their fields and promotes interactions based on courses involved, enriching the experience. Word Weavers unique promise of value: “One size does not fit all!” So at Word Weave every session/workshop is customised after a discussion with the participant/decision maker and this ensures maximum personalisation and effective results, their way

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